Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes back drag different from other cutting edges in the market place?

A: Back Drag or back drag cutting edges are not a new thing. What is new is that Back Drag will be a nationally known product in the snow removal industry. Long  gone the back drag edges produced by the local welding shop. What you are carrying is a product with recognition from direct mailing, internet and trade shows.

Q: What kind of advertising support will I receive from Back Drag?

A: Back Drag will help any distributors with co-op advertising in their local area. This includes direct mailing to clients and meeting with snow contractors in the distributors area.

Q: Can the back drag damage a plow?

A: In the five years of testing the Back Drag on various plows we have never had any damage to a plow as a result of the Back Drag.

Q: Does Back Drag provide financing?

A: To receive financing from Back Drag you have to fill out a credit application and meet the company's credit standards.

Q: what kind of customer is this product marketed to?

A: We believe the product can be marketed to almost any snow removal contractor from the lawn care company plowing a few driveways to the large contractor handling multiple apartment complexes. Also this is a nice product to sell to the various municipals in anyone's city.

Q: What kind of money can I look to make with this product?

A: The mark up on our product is 30-40% depending on the dealer. Also you have the potential for revenue from installations which require a sharp drill bit and a little time.

Q: What do I get for my purchase of 15+ Back Drags?

A: You receive the rights to be the only Back Drag Edge Super Dealer/distributor in your city for your type of snow plow. So for the 15+ Back Drags you can be the only distributor of Back Drag Edge for BOSS snowplows.

Q: What if I want to carry Boss and Western?

A: In the case of this situation it will be decided on a per city basis.